RRS-80 Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

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  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 50 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Ningbo port,Shanghai port
  • Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
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    RRS-80 Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine is a high technology machine model,design and used for filling plastic (polyethylene) and laminated tubes with creams,paste,gels or other similar viscous fluid,then sealing the tubes with special Hot Gun System,other process including tube feeding,photoelectric mark track,date coding,batch number coding,tube trimming and output are all fully automatic.



    Model No. FW-80A FW-80
    Tube Type Metallic Tube,Aluminium Tube Plastic Tube,Lamination Tube
    Tube Diameter Φ10- Φ32 Φ10- Φ60
    Tube Length 60-200(accept special size) 60-200(accept special size)
    Station 12 12
    Filling Volume 5-250mlAdjustable) 5-250mlAdjustable)
    Tolerance ≤±0.5% ≤±0.5%
    Capacity 60-80 pcs/min 60-80 pcs/min
    Compressed Air Supply 0.55-0.65mpa 0.55-0.65mpa
    Motor Power 1.5kw(380V   50Hz) 1.5kw(380V  50Hz)
    Heating Power 3.3kw
    Dimension 2424×1000 ×2020mm 2424×1000×2020mm
    Machine Weight 1500kgs 1500kgs







    Working Process:

    Tube Container →Automatic Tube Loading →Photoelectric Sensor Positioning →Fluid Filling →Tube Hot Melting →Tube Sealing & Date/Batch Number Coding → Tube Checking and Rejecting →Trimming→Output



    • RRS-80 tube filling and sealing machine is built of high quality polished stainless steel 304
    • All the parts contact with fluid products are made of high quality polished stainless steel 316
    • 12 stations for high capacity output
    • Conform with Pharmaceutical GMP Standard
    • Fully automatic process from tube feeding to output,no artificial contamination
    • Siemens PLC and Delta Touch Screen for easy operation
    • Piston pump for easy control the fluid filling amount
    • Filling accuracy error: < ±0.5 % of volume
    • Special Patent Design Hot Gun sealing technology
    • Banner photoelectric sensor for high precision track positioning
    • Single or dual sided date coding and batch number
    • Output: up to 3600-4800 tubes / hour
    • Available with all plastic and laminated tubes and metallic aluminum tubes


    • RRS-80 tube filling and sealing machine use Geneva Drive as driving system.The Geneva process with 38 RMOAL treatment,make it solid and durable to ensure long life driving
    • Use Hot Gun Heating System,patent design,the sealing is stronger,faster,more even than regular heating tube system
    • Use Continously Variable Transmission Inverter to ensure the high output capacity with stable performance
    • Use full closed bearing system for mechanical arm,use linear bearing for other slide shafts,to ensure oiless operation,keep the product high standard
    • Two individual fluid cutting off system on the filling head station,especially add an extra air blow off system on the filling head station,ensure the machine clean operation even with high viscous fluid
    • Add a bearing in the tube feeding station,make sure the feeding process smooth.
    • Use cylinder to push the tubes down to the bottom,ensure they are in even position,reduce the failure rate
    • Use a pulse system for photoelectric marking, improve the stability
    • Intellegient failure rejecting system,it will kick out the empty tube



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